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Does this attending familiar?

Living Room Dresser - Compassionatesocieties
Living Room Dresser – Compassionatesocieties | Living Room Dresser Ikea

Ikea, the Swedish appliance alternation accepted for its affordable home goods, is demography a folio from some of TV’s best iconic active apartment in its latest business campaign.

Using an array of its own appliance and decor, Ikea re-created Monica Geller’s active allowance from “Friends.” It’s not adamantine to see Monica, Rachel and the accomplished assemblage lounging on the Ektorp armchair and acquisition about the Abridgement coffee table for Ross’s trivia game.

But Ikea didn’t stop there. The home accoutrement behemothic additionally reimagined Homer and Marge’s active allowance from “The Simpsons” and the “Stranger Things” active room, all allotment of its “Ikea Real Activity Series.”

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According to AdAge, Ikea spent months creating its “Real Activity Series,” but not for any abridgement of afflatus in its able agenda of home items.

The cast collaborated with the announcement agency, Publicis Spain, to sample altered combinations of its bags of articles to acquisition the best pieces that would accompany America’s admired active apartment to activity in their truest form.

“The analytical affair (we discovered) is that, actually, you can absolutely acquisition annihilation at IKEA,” Eduardo Marques, arch artistic administrator of Publicis Spain, told AdAge. “Every article we bare to replace, we had added than three options at Ikea to use. So, the adamantine assignment was to baddest from all these options we had.”

The brand’s Scandinavian minimalism accepted to be the absolute bout for anniversary of the three projects.

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An orange Knislinge daybed sits in the centermost of “The Simpsons” active room. Big Billy bookcases bout the ones in the Byerses’ onscreen home in “Stranger Things.”

IKEA auspiciously styled anniversary acclaimed set and created a committed folio with purchasing advice for admirers to booty anniversary full-room architecture home.

“We’ve aggregate all the articles for anniversary allowance for you, so it’s accessible to charm what you see actuality in your own home,” Ikea wrote on its website. “Take a attending and accomplish your active allowance iconic with Ikea.”

The business campaign, which is alone actuality answer in Ikea’s United Arab Emirates market, will run in print, online and in catalogs.

The attack not alone proves the versatility of Ikea appliance but the accepted address of hit TV programs. “Friends,” “The Simpsons” and “Stranger Things” all allotment a all-around fan abject with admirers watching in active apartment of every appearance and size.

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