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A Tired Dog Is Not A Good Dog

There is a popular saying that, “a tired dog is a good dog.” The reasoning is, if you tire your dog out through vigorous exercise, he will be good (hold still, not chew your shoes, sleep, be relaxed, etc.) because he is tired. I disagree; a tired dog is simply a tired... read more

How Do You Get A Puppy To Stop Barking?

How do you get a puppy not to bark while you are preparing her food? Okay, I’ll wait for some of you to stop rolling on the floor laughing at me. And then I will wait for those of you who are wondering what I am talking about because your puppies are perfect angels.... read more

Why Do We Treat Dogs The Way We Do?

Why do we treat dogs the way we do? What do I mean by that? I saw a video on Facebook the other day of several people kissing the top of a dog’s head and laughing. They were laughing because every time they got their faces close to her, she would curl her lips up in a... read more

The Human-Dog Relationship

The Human-Dog Relationship Are you in a relationship? It might be with a spouse or a partner, a child or parent. It may also be with a dog, cat, bird, or even hamster or fish. Every time you respond to another, whatever the species, you are relating, and that means... read more

The Human Role In Dog On Dog Aggression

This morning, I took the dogs for an off leash walk. We are lucky to live in a quiet setting where, most of the time, this is a possibility. On-leash sniffing walks are great, but there is nothing like the choices a dog has for moving and sniffing on an off leash... read more

Choosing A New Dog

This is Frida, the newest addition to my household. She is a nine week old Australian Shepherd puppy. It took a long time to find the right dog who would be a good fit for everyone. There is Sadie, an almost 9 year old mixed breed dog who is happier with humans than... read more

Life As A Dog

That’s me, second from the left. Or rather, that’s Jojo the Dog. My colleague Grace Shen and I did a presentation a few weeks ago on the effects of different walking gear on a dog’s body. We used me as a ‘guinea dog’, and asked someone... read more

How To Take Your Dog For A Sniffing Walk

Sniffing walks are good for dogs in several ways; emotionally, cognitively, and physically. The olfactory (scent) nerves are connected to the limbic system of the brain, which is where emotions are processed. Having a chance to take her time and sniff helps a dog to... read more

The Benefits of Sniffing Walks For Dogs

Most of us do it every day; you take your dog for a walk. A time for her to pee and poop and get some exercise; brisk walking, maybe a jog for those who are more fit. Maybe you are out there on your cell phone wishing you could be back inside or off to work. I used to... read more
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