My husband and I benefited greatly from working with Joanne on the Loose Leash Technique with both our 3-year-old rescue dogs. She learned about the dogs’ background, taught us the theory behind the technique, and then helped us apply it with the dogs. We have continued practicing the technique over the past year, and it has significantly reduced pulling, making our walks much more enjoyable for everyone!

Emily & Family

I’ve been meaning to write for quite some time to tell you what a positive and lasting change you’ve brought to our life with Piper. And to Piper’s life, of course. Our daily walks are determined by where she wants to go, since they’re really her walks. And she’s still the merry trickster; we’re now working on jumping through a hoop. String cheese is a great motivator. Well, any food will do for her. The dog club was a wonderful experience for both of us.

Christine & Piper

Joanne is a skilled and compassionate trainer of all dogs – big or small. From basic obedience to loose leash walking and even to basic agility, her techniques helped me develop a whole new relationship with my little terrier mix. Plus she made the whole experience fun for both of us.

AC Warden & Monty

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