Connecting dogs and people!

 Many believe training is the only solution to problems that come up with our dogs. But sometimes, it can cause even more difficulties. When we think striving for more control is our only option, we lose track of the lovely connection we felt when first meeting our beloved canine companions. And the solution can be as simple as learning how to ‘listen’ and communicate more effectively.

Based on the work of Norwegian dog behaviorist Turid Rugaas, we offer simple yet effective ways to deal with every day problems.

This is training for the real world.

Our Mission

We help people improve both their dogs’ behavior and their relationship with their dogs through observation, communication, and positive reinforcement.

What We Offer

Mindfulness For Dogs offers dog training and behavior counseling in the Asheville North Carolina area, as well as Skype and FaceTime consultation nationally.

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We teach people to understand their dog’s needs through observation.


We enhance a person’s ability to reach their dog.

Positive Reinforcement

We further your ability to deepen your relationship with your dog.

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